Xeriant’s management team has many decades of entrepreneurial experience in finance, technology, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, operations, marketing and security.  The mixed holding / operating company structure has several advantages – not only will it enable Xeriant to grow more rapidly through the acquisition and synergistic impact of technology assets, but from a human capital perspective, this strategy structure will enable Xeriant to benefit from the exceptionally talented individuals who helped to create and develop those innovations. 

The Company understands that entrepreneurial spirit, passion and vision are critical to success and believes in supporting the distinct management and operational independence of its affiliates, so they stay focused on their fields of expertise.  Xeriant offers a complementary extension of the affiliate company’s management team, providing strategic guidance and introductions, increased access to financial markets, and investor liquidity. 

Meet Our Team

Keith F. Duffy

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Keith Duffy has over thirty years of experience in investment banking, management, finance, strategic planning and operations, and has been a principal in a number of start-up companies. He arranged the merger of American Aviation Technologies with a public company and established the relationship with Florida Atlantic University (FAU), preparing the white paper that was presented to the Research Park at FAU Authority. He was formerly the founder and CEO of a public company and the founder and CEO of two bank holding companies, a software development company and a biotech company now trading on NASDAQ. Mr. Duffy trained to be a private pilot when he was 16 years old and worked at an FBO at the Palm Beach International Airport after college to further his knowledge of the aviation industry. He has held a variety of management,accounting and finance positions over the years. He has been a licensed securities broker and currently holds a real estate license and a NMLS mortgage broker’s license in Florida. He has also served on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee. Mr.Duffy attended Wake Forest University and Rollins College, where he earned a B.A. Degree in Business Administration and Mathematics in 1982.‍

Scott M. Duffy

Executive Director, Corporate Operations
Scott Duffy has over thirty years of experience in management, operations, strategic planning, information technology, statistical analysis, marketing and promotion, and sales development. He has collaborated with his brother Keith over many years to develop plans and research for a wide range of start-up companies, including American Aviation Technologies and the Halo project. As Senior Vice President, Operations and Administration at Globe Marketing Services, he was responsible for planning and coordinating the activities of internal management and the support staff to meet corporate objectives. As Newsstand Circulation Director at American Media, one of the largest publishers in North America, he was responsible for the $545 million retail sales division, overseeing both international and domestic distribution. Over his career he has been instrumental in increasing profitability though optimizing core competencies. Mr. Duffy was a co-founder and principal in a number of real estate development projects beginning in 2006. Mr. Duffy trained to be a private pilot when he was 16 years old and has always been interested in aviation. He attended Wake Forest University and Rollins College, where he earned a B.A. in Business Administration and Mathematics in 1982.‍

Pablo Lavigna

Chief Technology Officer
Pablo Lavigna has over fifteen years of experience in the Information Technology and Software Engineering field. He has been instrumental in sourcing technologies for Xeriant’s potential strategic partnerships, joint ventures and licensing arrangements. Mr. Lavigna is responsible for the Company’s internal technology infrastructure, including systems, software, website, and communications. He developed extensive experience as Director of Information Technology operations at a private firm. Mr. Lavigna has developed and implemented network security procedures and developed software for multiple industries. He holds several Microsoft and CompTIA certifications including Microsoft Certified System Engineer(MCSE), Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA), and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and CompTIA Security+. Mr. Lavigna attended Florida International University where he earned his degree in Information Technology and Business with Magna Cum Laude Honors.‍

Edward C. DeFeudis

Edward DeFeudis is a venture investor and serial entrepreneur spanning multiple industries. His investments focus on late seed, bridge and Series A rounds. He has a knack for understanding complex disruptive technology and enjoys finding rare opportunities that create first mover advantage. Mr. DeFeudis is a financial professional who has served on the executive management team and board of directors of several early-stage companies. He has structured and secured multiple financing while serving as point person to investors, funds, and investments banks, which has lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in capital formation. He is extremely detail oriented, and understands complex legal positioning.‍

Brian Carey

Chief Financial Officer
Brian Carey is an entrepreneur and business development specialist who built and ran a successful accounting, tax and business management firm for over 30 years. He started a financial management/insurance and investment firm in 1984, then expanded it to add accounting, tax preparation and business planning and management services in 1986 called Carey Associates Accounting and Tax Services. More recently, Mr. Carey was the owner and manager of BCGR Tax and Financial Services. This company also provides business start-up and development services to a limited number of client/partner companies. He holds a Bachelor of Accounting Degree from Penn State University.‍

Peter Einstein

Senior Advisor
Peter Einstein is a successful entrepreneur, socially-conscious investor, and award-winning advertising copywriter/creative director. He has over 40 years of experience launching groundbreaking products and advertising campaigns, including: the world’s first major environmental brand; the first cellular phone and cellular telephone service in the U.S.; the original concept and name for Jell-O Pudding Pops; a 30-second spot for Arm & Hammer credited with putting a box of Baking Soda into 7 out 10 refrigerators in the U.S.; and the introduction of the gull-winged DeLorean sports car of “Back to the Future” fame. His “Live the Dream” theme won the account from 107 other ad agencies. Mr. Einstein is an expert in new products and branding. As Executive Copy Director /Senior Creative Director at the storied Foote, Cone & Belding advertising agency in New York City, he was the key creative force behind successful introductions of numerous new products for Colgate-Palmolive,Lipton, Wish-Bone Salad Dressings, AT&T, and Nabisco. As Founder and Executive Director of the Innovation Zone Project @ AEGEA, a planned international city of the arts and entertainment in Florida, Peter has worked extensively with Xeriant and AEGEA with the goal of eventually showcasing Xeriant’s VTOL technologies in AEGEA’s high-profile environment. One of the first 100 individuals cited in the "Who’s Who in Crowdfunding,” Peter co-hosted a special crowdfunding podcast series for CBS with internationally-renowned business growth expert Jay Abraham and wrote a comprehensive chapter on equity crowdfunding for one of Abraham’s recent books.