5 Minute Flame Test – Estimated 2,000º-3,600ºF

The propane torch used in this demonstration can reach temperatures of up to 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit. The ¼” thick (6.35 mm) 4’ x 8’ NEXBOARD panel experienced minimal heat transfer, showing only 86 degrees Fahrenheit on the back side. There was no flame spread and the flame self-extinguished after the torch was removed.

Xeriant has initiated NEXBOARD pilot production and is in the process of finalizing the lightweighting feature, which is anticipated to make the panels approximately 58 percent lighter than standard ½” drywall, the most common type of drywall used for interior walls in residential homes.

4’ X 8’ panel - ¼” thick

The future of sustainable construction . . .

Aerospace research and technology has produced breakthroughs in a variety of fields, advancing the state of the art and creating new applications and commercialization opportunities across unrelated industries. Xeriant’s proprietary eco-friendly fire retardant, which can be integrated into plastics and other materials, has wide applicability in transportation, consumer goods and building products. Our newly developed construction panel made with our proprietary fire retardant and recycled materials, called NEXBOARD™, promises to transform the emerging green construction industry.

Interior Ceilings
Exterior Sheathing
Interior Walls
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NEXBOARD™ is an environmentally-friendly, high-strength composite construction panel made with recycled plastic and cardboard waste, and our proprietary green fire-retardant chemical. In addition to exceptional strength, durability and fire-resistant properties, NEXBOARD™ is also water-, mold- and insect-resistant and provides an insulating barrier which helps conserve energy and reduce the transmission of sound.

NEXBOARD™ is a green alternative to gypsum drywall, plywood, OSB, MDF and other wallboards used in construction systems. NEXBOARD™ panels will be available in standard 48” x 96” sheets and several thicknesses depending on the residential or commercial requirements. Potential interior and exterior construction applications include walls, ceilings, flooring, framing, siding, roofing and decking. NEXBOARD™ is not susceptible to cracking or other damage during handling, cutting or hanging, does not need priming or sealing, and accepts all types of paints, knockdown textures, wall coverings and tile installations.

Images are for illustration purposes only.

NEXBOARD™ utilizes our proprietary high-performance flame retardant, a formulation specifically developed for plastics. When NEXBOARD™ panels are exposed to fire, the fire retardant is activated, forming a protective foam layer through a chemical process called intumescence.     This endothermic reaction provides an insulating coating which prevents fire penetration and flame spread, absorbs heat, and releases only harmless non-toxic gases, while retaining the mechanical features of the board.

NEXBOARD™ has undergone rigorous field testing for its fire- and heat-resistant properties and has performed well under direct prolonged exposure to high-temperature flames. NEXBOARD™ is set to begin comprehensive testing for fire ratings and VOC emissions.

Large torch direct flame field test at 1,400°F for two minutes - raw video